The Hyphenator in LibreOffice: Gaelspell

Gaelspell includes all the rules that govern how words can be split at the end of lines. One cannot break words at will, but only at certain places. Since Gaelspell already stores this information for each medium to long word in its vast database of words, this feature is also available in LibreOffice at no cost.

This tool is typically not a very commonly used one, but if you want to see it at work, all you have to do is the following:

  • Select some text in Irish.
  • Increase the text size so that you can see only 9 or 10 words on each line.
  • Select the standard available option of “centre justifying” the text, i.e. so that the text runs all the way from the left limit to the right limit of the possible writing area, as one would see in a book, magazine or newspaper
  • Select the text.
  • Select the Hyphenator ( Tools > Language > Hyphenator ) and see the results.
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