Spellchecker for LibreOffice: Gaelspell

An extension, a spellchecker called Gaelspell, is available for LibreOffice (Writer) in Irish, and it is free of charge. It is a great tool.

When the extension is installed and working, you can run the spellchecker as follows:

  • On the menu bar of LibreOffice Writer, there is a small button with ABC written on it and a check symbol underneath. If you press this button, a new spellchecking window will open. You will see words identified as misspelled, along with eventual suggestions for corrections.
  • If the grammar checker is also installed, and it probably is, red lines will be seen under the words that are not thought to be spelled correctly while blue lines will be seen under those words of dubious grammatical credentials.

As explained below, Dúrud has pulled together all the Irish language tools for LibreOffice into one single extension, making the process of installing the tools very straightforward.

Spelling mistakes (red line) and grammar error (blue line); corrected:

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