The Thesaurus in LibreOffice Writer

An Irish thesaurus is available for LibreOffice Writer, based on the database developed by Professor Kevin Scannell in St. Louis University, Missouri. It is very easy to find.

Within Writer: To check a word in the text, first select it (with the mouse), and then:

  • Select Uirlisí/Tools from the menu at the top of the page
  • Select Teanga/Language
  • Select Teasáras/Thesaurus

Or, you can use the shortcut: CNTL + F7

If the steps have been followed correctly, a window such as the one below will appear (This particular one is taken from Open Office, which in this case is the same.)

Note: You can also open the thesaurus without first selecting a word from the text.

Note: There is no thesaurus function (for Irish) in Microsoft Word.

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