Installing on the Windows XP, 7 or 8.X Operating Systems

Here is how you install the Gramadóir extension on your computer.

You should already have installed LibreOffice on your computer before you attempt this. What this operation does is add the Gaelspell & Gramadóir extensions to LibreOffice, so if you don’t have the basic programme installed first, it will not work.

Note: If you happen to have a version of the Gramadóir on your computer already (i.e. a test version) we would advise you to remove it first (by going to Tools, Extensions Manager, and then selecting Remove).

We would advise you to close LibreOffice before you start.

So, download the following programme and put it somewhere accessible on your computer:

This is what this programme does:

  • a) it checks to see if you have a Windows 32-bit or a Windows 64-bit system
  • b) it checks that Java is installed
  • c) if not, it installs the correct (32-bit) version of Java
  • d) it downloads the correct version of An Gramadóir from this site

It sometimes asks questions during installation. Your should accept Yes / OK when prompted.

Open LibreOffice, and put the extension to work, as you would for any extension.

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