Microsoft Office Word - Word Processor in Irish

The word processor Word is available in Irish. The translation to Irish is of good quality.

Word is a commercial product, i.e. it needs to be purchased. However, it cannot be purchased directly in the Irish version, so it needs to be purchased in another language first, and then afterwards upgraded to the Irish version. It is easy to make the change. Just follow the instructions on the following links.

> Microsoft Office Word 2003

> Microsoft Office Word 2007

> Microsoft Office 2010

... and by the way

As is mentioned elsewhere on this site, one can download an Irish language spellchecker for Word 2003.

Another spellchecker: For all versions of Word one can use the commercial product Gaelspell, available from Cruinneog and described further on on this site.

> How to change the User Interface from one language to another

When you install the Irish language interface package, Microsoft Office appears in Irish when it is restarted. It is very easy to change the interface back and forth between Irish and the other language, and when this is done, it changes all constituent parts of Microsoft Office, once Office (not the computer, just Office) is restarted.

In order to change the interface language, you need to click on the Office icon in the top left corner of the screen, and then select Word Options at the bottom of the dialog box that opens. (This all assumes that one has already installed the relevant language interface pack.)

If Popular has not already been selected in the menu on the left hand side, then pick it now. Then select Language Settings in the middle of the new window.

Then finally, select the tab entitled Display Language (this is usually the default tab), and select the appropriate language.

> The Editing Language

One can use an interface in German while writing in Spanish, or an interface in Irish while writing in English. The interface language and the writing language, or as Microsoft calls it, the editing language are two separate and distinct things. Above we have seen how to change the interface language, something that has no effect on the editing language, and now we shall see how to change the editing language.

Changing the editing language affects such features as Autocorrect and Spellchecking, so it is not a bad idea to set this correctly each time the writing language is changed. (Note that there is a further facility, while writing within the Word document, to change the editing language setting for a section of text, overriding the general setting being discussed here.)

Note that the editing language is by default the same as the interface language unless it has been changed by the user. So when, for example, the Irish language interface pack is installed on Microsoft Office, Irish is then set as the editing language. But this can be changed to suit whatever language is being written.

> Changing the Editing Language

In order to change the editing language one can follow almost the same procedure as followed above when changing the interface language, all except for the last step:

  • Click the round Microsoft Office icon in the top left of the page.
  • At the bottom of the menu, select Word Options.
  • A new dialog will open. Click the Language Settings button.
  • A new dialog will open on top of the previously opened dialog.

And then:

  • Select the second tab: Editing Languages.
  • In the middle of the dialog box The primary editing language will be seen. Select whichever language is appropriate in the menu on the right hand side. Then press OK.
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