Writer - Word Processor in Irish

An excellent and free word processor is available in Irish, at the following link:

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, a reliable spellchecker is also available for this package, and it too is free. There is also very good thesausus.

Note: If you have not downloaded or used either or LibreOffice, we recommend that you use LibreOffice, not Since Oracle has apparently decided not to support any longer, the open source community has decided to continue development under the name LibreOffice. It is essentially the same product.

... by the way

There is much more in this package: there is a spreadsheet application, a presentation application, a drawing application, as well as much more.

There are similarities with Microsoft Office (of which Word is a part), but it is not the same thing. Nevertheless, one can read documents in Microsoft Word format, and also save them again in that format, if necessary.

LibreOffice - The Choice for Irish

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