There are many computer based tools that can assist those who are writing in Irish. Spellcheckers have been around for a while, and recently the first reliable grammar checker has entered the market. There is also a new website that analyses some of the more common errors in written Irish.

There are also internet sites, mainly on-line dictionaries, that also provide effective assistance with such issues as the declension of verbs, while others deal with more esoteric points. There are probably other sites too, so this list is to be considered merely a start.

This section, therefore, deals with the technical tools that are available to assist those who wish to write well in Irish.

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If you want to learn Irish on-line, there are several sites that might be of interest to you. There is further information about courses at the following link: Irish On-line Courses.

LibreOffice - The Choice for Irish

An Foclóir Beag (Dictionary)