Vincent Morley, through his company Gaelchló, has been a major driver with regard to the promotion of traditional Irish typefaces (Gaelic typefaces) on computers. Gaelchló has published a very large number of fine typefaces based on ancient manuscripts as well as on a new interpretation of the same. The company has gone quite some way in filling the gap void left by the untimely abandonment of the traditional typeface, so it is hoped that in the years to come, these new typefaces make a reappearance in the general printing arena.

Here are some examples from Gaelchló:

Bunchló GC

Bunchló GC is a text typeface.

Bunchló Ársa GC

A special version of Bunchló GC.

Glanchló GC

Glanchló GC is a new typeface.

Lánchló GC

A modern typeface, not that dissimilar from Verdana.

Seanchló GC

An old style typeface.

Seanchló Ársa GC

Even older still.

Úrchló GC

A recently designed typeface.

Úrchló Rómhánach GC

A hybrid between Roman and Gaelic.

All these typefaces are encoded according to Unicode, the strong international standard.

These typefaces are available, along with many more, from Dr. Vincent Morley at the following link:


These typefaces are commercial products, and may need to be purchased before use. Some are free. The reader’s attention is brought to the terms of usage which apply to each font.

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