Dineen’s Dictionary

Did you know the following words? Smaiseog (a loud kiss); Flaspóg (an audible kiss); Siosóg (a sucking kiss); Clapóg (a kiss); Póigín (a little kiss); Spailp (a kiss). These are all contained in Dineen’s Dictionary.

One of the great lexicographical works in Irish is the dictionary published by An tAthair Pádraig Ó Duinnín (also known as Patrick Dineen) in the year 1927. It was an Irish - English dictionary. This dictionary is still used today on account of the richness of its content. We all owe its compiler a great debt of gratitude.

Even though it is recognised widely that this dictionary is very rich, it is still sometimes difficult to use the printed version, not just on account of the fact that the typeface used is a traditional Irish one rather than a roman one. That is not the issue. Quite often, one is searching for an Irish word, not an English word, so this dictionary, being organised as an Irish - English dictionary, does not lend itself to such a search. At least not until now.

Recently, the University of Limerick put Dineen’s dictionary on-line and it, being electronic, allows for searches in either language, meaning that Irish words, terms and phrases that were heretofore hidden away are now easy to find.

This resource is not working perfectly (for example, the letters s and r, as well as sometimes the letter t, are mixed up), and search results are not always correct. However, it is still a great resource, and very useful. Hopefully the remaining bugs can be eliminated at some point in the near future.

Dineen’s dictionary can be found at the following link:

The administrators of this project are looking for assistance in order to complete their work, and they deserve any they receive.

Another version

The National University of Ireland, Cork have created a newly formatted version of the 1904 version of Dineen’s dictionary. The dictionary is arranged in a single file printed in the roman font which is clearer and easier to read. It can be downloaded as a PDF file. A word can be searched in the PDF file by using the search field in the PDF reader (such as Adobe, Foxit etc.).

Get it here!

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