One of the major Irish dictionaries is the Ó Dónaill Irish - English dictionary. It is the current standard, and a fine read in its own right. Until recently it has not been availbale on-line, but we are very pleased to see it now.

A computerised (and abridged, unfortunately) version of it is available as a standalone computer application called WinGléacht, which runs on Windows (but not Windows 7 apparently), which can be purchased from Cló IarChonnachta (, amongst many other book retailers.

In order to use this application, just place the search term into the box and press the button (Focal Gaeilge or Focal Béarla as appropriate). The user is normally presented with a page of potential translations.

When a word is seen in blue, one can right click, after which plenty more information about the word is presented (e.g. tenses for verbs, cases for nouns, etc.) The information is complete and accurate.

One can also change the text size, or even see it in a traditional Irish font. Another nice feature is that the program starts up very fast.

WinGléacht does have some drawbacks, though. The rich set of sample phrases and sentences that fill the Ó Dónaill printed dictionary - which are entertaining in themselves - are not included. And on a technical level, the application does not follow all of Windows’ ways of doing things, a carryover, no doubt, from the fact that it was originally written before Windows appeared (as simply Gleácht). One annoying feature is that you cannot return to a previously searched term - you just have to type it in again.

Nevertheless, it is a very good resource, although a bit expensive at €25. Perhaps €10 would be a more appropriate price.

As stated, WinGléacht is available at Cló Iar-Chonnachta:

Some further reviews are to be found at the following link (where it also can be purchased):

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