tearma.ie (formerly focal.ie)

What is the English for cuircín? What would you call the Commission Simplification Rolling Programme in Irish? And Global Warming? What is the Irish version of Computer Simulation? What is Solas Guaise in English?

These sorts of words and phrases are called Terminology as distinct from just Words. These are usually much more difficult to translate than words, since their meanings are often specific to a particular professional sector, and not often clear to a translator and therefore subject to easy mistranslation.

tearma.ie is a website that lists terminology in Irish and English, with translations between them. The site is the National Terminology Database for Irish. Words can be searched in Irish or in English, and the site can recognise variants of certain words, e.g. words with a séimhiú (lenition). It is a great resource, and one that does not exist in many other major languages.

The tearma.ie project has been developed and managed by Fiontar, in Dublin City University. Fiontar has basically created an accurate one-stop-shop for all terminology, and has made this very accessible to the community.

In order to use this award-winning site, just place the word or term into the search box, and press Enter. Depending on the search, there can be many results. Note that the genitive and plural forms of the result are provided, making the use of the resource even easier.

The site is at the following link: www.tearma.ie

In order to use it:

Put the search term in the search box, press the appropriate key, and see the results.

Dictionary Skills Course

Available also on the tearma.ie site is a dictionary skills course which, if consulted, can help the reader to make better use of the resource. See top of page, or the following link:


The project started off with assistance from the European Union, and is continuing with assistance from Foras na Gaeilge. The database is growing all the time.

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