The computer can monitor the text that a user is writing, and correct “errors” it detects. This usually works well, although not so well if the reference language used for the checking is not the same as the language being written.

AutoCorrection is one of the proofing tools. It is not the same as the spellchecker, although there are some similarities. Autocorrection recognises particular letter sequences, and can change (or “correct") these (depending on user preferences).

Microsoft Word 2007

MS Word 2007 is one of the most ubiquitous word processors and it has an effective AutoCorrect function. However, finding the AutoCorrect settings is not so easy on this version of Word.

To find it: Click on the Office icon on the top left, and select Word Options. Then select Proofing, and then finally AutoCorrect Options to bring yourself the table of entries.

Using AutoCorrect as a Shorthand

This facility can be used in an effective way to write text quickly. You can select a long series of letters, your own name for example, and then select a particular code (e.g. a sequence of letters that you would never normally use) as a shortcut. If for example your name was Seán-Pádraig Óg Mac Dhonnagáin-Ó Conchúir, you could create a uniquely spelled word such as @spomdoc and by adding this unique spelling to the list, it will then become a shortcut so that you do not need to type out the name in full every time. So every time you want to type your name, you only need to type @spomdoc, and the full name will be shown straight away.

You can use this trick for other names and items such as Baile Átha Cliath. This could be shortened to @bac, Beir bua agus beannacht (e.g. @bbb) or any other long sequence of words that are often used together.

Even though it is very advantageous, there is a downside to it: you must remember the shortcut that you selected (you are advised to follow the same pattern always). Along with that, the shortcut is specific to one computer, so your choice of shortcuts won’t be found on other computers.

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