There are two related websites here, and This one,, contains a description of computer applications that relate to writing of the Irish language, such as disctionaries and so on. The other,, is a guide to general computer applications that are available in Irish, but which do not necessarily concern the language itself.

This site:

A keyboard for Irish!

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Dúrud wishes to thank mSemicon Teoranta, which provides support in terms of facilities and personneal, for this project.

Fáilte - Welcome

Welcome to our website,, where you will find comprehensive information on the main computer and internet resources that are available for the Irish language. Take a look at the site to see what is available.

Here are some of the latest additions:

A Grammar Extension for LibreOffice

If you use LibreOffice Writer for writing in Irish, you will be happy to hear that a grammar extention (for Irish) is now available for test here.

New Dictionaries

Sound Sites

  • The Doegen Records are also availblee on-line, a set of sound recordings of native speakers from many parts of Ireland, dating from about 1930.
  •, a site that deals with phonetics and phonology of Irish.

Buíochas - Thanks

This project is supported by Dúrud Teoranta.

Dúrud wishes to thank our partner, the high tech electronics firm mSemicon Teoranta, which has provided facilities and personnel for this project.

LibreOffice - The Choice for Irish

An Foclóir Beag (Dictionary)


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